Letter Blue // Chapter One //

Vesna Films

Film Story


Poetry is an elevated language of our soul.
Words are fluid iron and music is a pouring cloud.

Written and performed by Anatoliy Ogay.
Visualized by Tatyana Kim.
(c) vesna films 2016

Letter Blue Poem. Chapter One.


You know who this is?
You must’ve erased me already.
I didn’t.
The world couldn’t handle that guy and that lady.

Not a single text after that.
I certainly wasn’t the one to do that.
Maybe you?
You thought I did something that I didn’t do.
Wrong decision on my part as well.
It was your blade that went straight into my heart…
I swell. I swell.

Lived and died for each other.

I’m sorry for this nonsense out of the blue.
I guess it was selfish of me to intrude.
Mem’ries and dreams.
You visit them with no particular schedule.

No need to respond btw.
I’m ok tho.

There’s one day I will remember 4ever.
We were under the bed sheet
Our bodies were changing warmth.
Memories. Sour… sour and sweet.

I feel like I’m loosing a touch with reality.
I feel like a thrown outta water amphibian
Without constant feed on the social media.

Its scary how many years I’ve been using FB,
A picture popped up with a 2000 you and 2000 me.
Young and fearless,
Never mind the parents,
Never mind the friends,
Your fathomless gaze
And your calming hands.

When I was passing by the church there was a street vendor.
He was selling paintings.
This one caught my attention. You see where all the pain is?
He said as much as there is room for pain
There’s room for joy.
I know it’s just a few stains,
Lol, but mind’s a toy.

There isn’t much people I can actually talk to.
My most honest conversations usually include words like
Latte, room for milk(?), total $4.52

My dreams are like milk that’s about to be steamed.
Blazingly hot but never over the top.

Why don’t you give me some sign of reaction…
There’s one trick that will call you for action.
When I turned eleven I got a book from a friend
But never was able to get to the end.
A game of telepathy between the two souls
Who’ve lost their measure from the step of the sole.
I’ll try to do something, like jump off the bridge.
And you have to guess… with a bit of a hint.

Wow! A cop just pulled me over
For texting and driving
I couldn’t go lower,
I lied to him.
Said I was fixing my damn GPS.
– Nervous?
No, no, its all traffic, day stress.
He said he was gonna give it a look.
Gave it a smile, said he wouldn’t go by the book.
After a while, handed it back and left.
The next thing I know,
I get a text message from a number unknown.
This is your warning, please don’t do that again.
That person you texting to needs to find out the end.
Cop. Dot. Dot. Dot.

I was gonna tell you
That the end is not far
But since the cop asked me
I’m stopping the car.

Do you think L exists?
I can’t even say that word
My tongue doesn’t twist

A guy and a girl flying over abyss.
Is that a lie? Is there something I’ve missed?
It’s a fall not a flight, right?
It could’ve been bright, right?
Nah, I’m not switching the sides, alright.
Should I be able to see the stars in the skylight?
Cuz that’s the whole reason.
The level of joy is intensely decreasin’.
I just have to know if there’s anything left
behind the white clouds of the dark crowd’s theft.
Extra mile? I’d go extra life.
I tend to rely on my personal drive.
But this time I beg you to give me a sign.
Here’s a text message. I loudly resign.

September 13, 2016

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